300 reasons to love New York 

Part coffee-table book and part tourist guide, 300 Reasons to Love New York sets out the hundreds of reasons why I moved to New York in 2009 and how I developed such a crush on the Big Apple. Written both for people familiar with New York City and for travelers planning their first trip, this book illustrates a unique and diverse city that breathes in rhythm with its many neighbourhoods and the treasures hidden in each one.

Where can you go to eat a snack on the run or sip a Manhattan? How can you find a reasonably priced hotel room? Where can you admire a sunset or take a fool-proof photo of the famous Brooklyn Bridge? What are the best restaurants? Where can you find the latest fashions or a spot for a picnic? Where are those unusual places that exist nowhere else? And most important of all: where, far from the hordes of tourists, can you mingle with real New Yorkers?

The book is brimming with real-life photos and is divided into 12 geographical chapters, spanning every single neighbourhood in the city. (Pour la version française, cliquez ici, e per la versione italiana del libro clicca qui.)

300 Reasons to Love New York
By Marie-Joëlle Parent




300 Reasons to Love San Francisco

Intended both for those who know San Francisco well and for travellers planning to set foot on its hills and valleys for the first time, this book portrays a city that is friendly, magnificent and charming, just like its many neighbourhoods and the treasures hidden in each of them.

Where do foodies go to grab a snack on the run or taste the latest culinary creation? On which beach can you immerse yourself in a good book, all the while having a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge? Where are the counterculture hotspots? How can you find the perfect geek gift for a brother-in-law who dreams about Silicon Valley? What is THE drink to order in the most “in” bar? What choices should you make when you just have one day to explorer the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley wine routes? Where do you go to spend an hour admiring the most beautiful Victorian houses? And above all: what are the well-kept secrets that will show us the city through the eyes of San Franciscans, far from the tourist hordes?

Boldly urban and modern in design, the book is full of candid photos and divided into 12 geographic chapters covering all of the city's neighborhoods. Whether you're on the spot or snuggled into an armchair in your living room, wander the streets of the third largest tourism destination in the United States and surrender to the charm of this surprising place!

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300 Reasons to Love San Francisco
By Marie-Joëlle Parent