Photo credit  William Yan  

Photo credit William Yan 


I am Marie-Joelle, I am French-Canadian, originally from Montreal. I have just moved to San Francisco after 9 years living in New York City. I love to take photos, I love to write, I love to meet people and most of all, I love to travel and discover new cities. 

Most recently, I worked with Canadian media agency Quebecor Media Group from 2009 until 2015 as a multimedia correspondent, providing print and television reporting, photography, video editing, and content development in both French and English languages, with a primary focus on the US market. My coverage of unfolding events included major news stories such as Hurricane Sandy, the Ferguson riots, the Sandy Hook school shootings, the reelection of Barack Obama in Chicago, and the Boston Marathon bombing. I also wrote many entertainment features and interviewed celebrities like Yoko Ono, Tony Bennett, Johnny Hallyday, Candace Bushnell, Alicia Keys, Larry King and Moby. 

One of my 2015 highlights has been the completion and publication of my guidebook, 300 Reasons to Love New York, sold in Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. I leveraged my background in content development, journalism, and photography to create an innovative and graphically intriguing alternative to the typical travel book. 

My second guide, 300 Reasons to Love San Francisco, was published in October 2016 and was released in the United States in March 2017. Several other cities have been added to my collection, such as Paris, Montreal, London and Havana.

Since 2015, I have participated in several television and radio shows as an author and journalist. In the summer of 2017, I was a collaborator on Radio-Canada's summer TV show, Indice UV. I was also the Master of Ceremonies of Michelin's big three-day event on the future of mobility, Movin'On.

In 2013, my Instagram account, which comprises of nearly 12,000 photos, was named one of the top 10 accounts to follow by French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur